Must Have Tutti Frutti Party supplies

Tutti Frutti Birthday Party

Party Trend Alert!!  With pineapples leading the way, it’s only natural the other fruits will follow the leader!  We predict that Tutti Frutti will be a hot party trend this summer.  I love how colorful, festive and fun this party theme is!  It is perfect for outdoor parties like garden parties, pool parties, beach parties and picnics.  It is also very appropriate for adults, teens and children celebrations. Today we’re sharing our must have Tutti Frutti Party Supplies to help you achieve the juiciest party of the season!… Read more

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Carnival Birthday Party

If there’s a Party Theme that guarantees a fun time it must be the Carnival Birthday Party!  The decor is colorful and joyful, the food is yummy and the games are always a favorite among the kids.

Carnival Birthday Party Dessert Table

Today, I’m sharing my niece’s Isabella Carnival Birthday Party!  Isabella’s Birthdays are always colorful and a lot of fun.  Remember her Mexican Fiesta Party?  Isabella wanted a fun birthday with the traditional Fair Games like Popping Balloons with darts and paint can pyramid knocking, among others.  … Read more

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Must-Have Rainbow and Unicorn Party Supplies

Hooray!!!  Get ready for our Must-Have Rainbow and Unicorn Party Supplies!

Rainbow Party Supplies such as Rainbow Cups and Unicorn Headband

If there is a Party Trend for 2016 that is all the rage, it is undeniably the Rainbow and Unicorn Party!!  Who doesn’t love the vibrant colors of a rainbow paired with the whimsical touch of a Unicorn!  The popularity of this magical Party is gaining so much momentum among little girls but also among tweens, teens and adults celebrating Baby Showers and Bridal Showers. … Read more

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Princess Ball Birthday Party

Princess Ball Birthday Party Dessert Table

If you have a little girl who loves to play dress up and twirl to her favorite Princess Song “I See the Light” from the movie Tangled, then this magical Princess Ball Birthday Party is for you!  Little Drayton’s 3rd birthday came true when my dear friend Blake contacted us to style her little princess’s party.  Blake wanted a sophisticated Royal Ball that celebrated all princesses and all the magical elements of an enchanted soiree.  … Read more

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Top 10 Must-Haves for a Flamingo and Pineapple Party

Flamingo-and- pineapple-Party-Supplies-such-as-flamingo-picks-pineapple-balloons

If there is one Party theme that is still going strong this year, it must be The Flamingo and Pineapple Party!!  Aren’t we all obsessed with this stylish pink bird?  And don’t get me started with Pineapples!!! They  represent hospitality, they look so sophisticated yet fresh and festive!  I have incorporated both Flamingos and Pineapples in my home decor and wardrobe but my very favorite is the Party Theme!  … Read more

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A Bundle of Joy!

Our long awaited moment finally arrived!!  Our little Elena made her grand entrance into the world!  After a few minor complications during her pregnancy, my sister Gaby gave birth to a healthy princess!  Elena is a little angel who eats and sleeps all day and keeps her mama awake as you would expect!

Tiny Print Birth Anouncement

The whole family was blessed to be there for Gaby at the hospital and witness the birth of Elena!… Read more

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Easter Bird’s Nest Headband DIY

Easter is around the corner!  This year I’m hosting an Easter Brunch for family and friends and I came up with the most adorable headband for the girls!  It is a Bird’s Nest Headband!  I can’t wait to see my daughter and her friends and cousins hunting for eggs in style! So let’s get to work on making these super cute Easter Bird’s Nest Headband DIY.

Easter Bird's Nest Headband DIY

Easter Bird’s Nest Headband DIY

What you’ll need:

Easter Bird's Nest Headband DIY1.… Read more

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50’s American Girl Party

american Girl doll Party

We are so thrilled to share this 50’s American Girl Party styled by the fabulous Lynlee for American Girl.  Lynlee  is an amazing Fondant Artist that I have admired for years.  Her book, Sweet & Unique Cupcake Toppers, is a must have when it comes to fondant art.  If you have a daughter obsessed with American Girl, then make sure you check out this party filled with cuteness and details from the 50’s Era.… Read more

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Tissue Flower Backdrop

We have received so many emails asking us how we constructed and designed our Tissue Flower Backdrop for Gaby’s Baby Shower.   No more guessing!  Follow the step by step instructions and you will have an amazing backdrop on each and every party you celebrate!  Scroll down and you will also find alternative design ideas for backdrops…The sky is the limit!

Paper Flower Backdrop

Tissue Flower Backdrop

Step #1:  Build your Wood Frame.

DIY Backdrop wood frame

We built our free standing Wood Frame by following the step by step instructions from the DIY Network, here.  … Read more

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Baby Shower Garden Party

Tea Party Baby Shower

I will never forget, the gorgeous Baby Shower my sister Gaby threw for me when I was expecting my first child.  I had just moved to a small town in Maine and didn’t know a lot of people yet Gaby managed to put together a beautiful celebration in my honor with basically every women in town.  When she was expecting my niece, I knew I had to plan something special for her. … Read more

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