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Bake It…Make It Blossom!

We are so happy to announce our new series Bake It…Make It Blossom!  where we will be sharing the most decadent mini dessert recipes accompanied with presentation and styling tips.

Having spent a few days in Paris this summer with Maggie and the rest of our family, a party of 11 adults and 6 children, I just had to begin with the”Très Chic” Petit Fours.  Those too cute for words bite size layered cakes that have graced fine Parisians patisseries for years.   It is great to know that many bakeries in the US are offering them and even Grocery stores like Whole Foods and the Fresh market are selling them.   They have become a staple at my parties because I am all for giving my guests the option to savour  a variety of  mini desserts instead of just one massive piece of cake.   With no further ado, my go to blog for mini desserts, Vegan Yum Yum, has step by step instructions on how to make them here.

But what about styling?  For an exquisite presentation and the perfect color palette,dress them up with our variety of Petite Cups.  Our Emma collection is very versatile thanks to its bendable petals and color combinations.

Shown here:  1- Emma in Zebra      2- Emma in Pink     3- Emma in Red

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  1. aaahhhhmazing!! My goodness….I can’t wait till my next party so I can try this!

  2. It looks delicious and beautiful. Love the name of the petit fours.

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