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Berry Baskets… 3 Ways

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!  Quality time with family is just priceless, isn’t it?  Our celebration was very traditional this year;  Church, Egg Hunts and a delicious brunch.  How did you celebrate?  Scroll down to check out my Easter Pancakes Masterpiece!   Today, we’re showing you 3 ways to use Berry Baskets.  They’re a fabulous way to present party favors and to decorate a sweet or savory table.

Berry-Baskets-3-Ways_editedPhotography by Via Blossom

The Flower Way:  What a beautiful way to create a floral display!  Just display our Petite Blossom Cups with chocolate truffles  in our Berry Baskets and Let your Party Blossom!  I used these chocolate molds to make chocolate roses.

The Berry Way:  The perfect way to serve fresh fruits at a party or even a picnic.  Ideal for farm, carnival, picnic, garden parties and much more!

The Yummy Way:   Berry Baskets can be transformed into the most adorable goodie favors!  Just load them with your kids special treats and voila!

005new1Photography by Via Blossom

I made these decadent pancakes with the kiddos this weekend.  The children had a blast turning the batter into they’re favorite Easter colors.  I found the recipe and instructions at Oh Joy!  here.

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  1. No way that you made the rainbow pancakes!! you are such a good mama!! love the berry containers!

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