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DIY Flower Balloon Garland Tutorial

Balloon Garland with pink flowers

Balloon Garlands are all the rage! They are becoming a must at any type of celebration! But don’t be intimidated by them because today, we will be showing a super easy DIY Flower Balloon Garland Tutorial and where to buy your Balloon Garland Kit!

Watch the Video Below for step by step instructions on how to make your own Balloon Arch in no time!

Step By Step Instructions:

  1. Use hand pump to inflate all balloons
  2. The Balloon decorating strip comes with little perforated holes. Insert balloon knots through the holes of the balloon decorating strip to hold the balloons in place. Try spacing the balloons about 4 to 5 holes apart. We recommend starting with the 11” latex balloons first, then add the 5” latex balloons wherever there’s an empty space. 
  3. Insert Fabric Flowers wherever you see a space.
  4. Hang wherever you like. You can use tape to hang on a wall, Command Stripes among other ways.
  5. And Voila!
DIY Flower Balloon Garland Tutorial

Our Flower Balloon Garland Kit is one of our favorites but we have a very wide selection of Balloon Arches that fit different party themes from birthday parties, to baby showers to bridal showers.

Our Balloon Garland Kits are available at the Via Blossom Shop, here!

1.It’s a Girl Balloon Garland 2. Gender Reveal Garland 3. Love Rose Gold Garland 4. It’s a Boy garland 5. Cotton Candy Garland 6. Rose Gold Garland

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