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DIY: Flower Lollipop

When you pair a cake pop with a Petite Blossom Cup, something amazing happens….It BLOSSOMS!  We love to share DIYs that are easy, gorgeous and versatile, and this one is all of that and more!   Just think about the possibilities!  You will never look at a cake pop the same way again.  Find instructions, photos and sources below.

Materials needed:  A cake pop or Lollipop, a Petite Blossom Cup and Cello Liner, a  styrofoam square and a Bamboo stick.

*A box of Petite Blossom Cups includes a pack of small Cello liners.  So, no need to purchase them anywhere. 

Step 1:    Place your Petite Blossom Cup with Cello Liner on top of a styrofoam square.  With a Bamboo skewer make a tiny hole at the center of the paper flower.

Step 2:  Slip your delicious cake pop or lollipop thru the hole in the Cello Liner and then thru the hole in the paper flower.

Et Voila!  A beautiful lollipop flower, perfect for all your celebrations.  Your guests will be impressed!

Stay Tuned for styling ideas for these darling lollipop flowers!

Happy Weekend!