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DIY – Lollipop Poinsettia Wreath

There’s nothing more inviting and welcoming than a wreath hanged at a fireplace or at a front door anytime of the year.   I love the fact that they mark the beginning of each season.   Today, I am sharing a DIY of  how I made my Lollipop Poinsettia Wreath.  It doesn’t get much sweeter than this!

Material needed:  1- 16″ diameter Styrofoam Wreath, 2-  Metallic Finish Spray Paint in Gold, 3- Scissors, 4- One Bamboo Skewer, 5- One Pack of 40 Petite Blossom Cups with Cello Liners, 6- One Box of Red Lollipops, 7- A Small Square of Styrofoam (Not shown) for piercing through the Petite Blossom cups.

Step 1:  Spray paint the Styrofoam wreath and let dry.

Step 2:  Place your Petite Blossom Cup with Cello Liner on top of a styrofoam square.  With a bamboo skewer pierce the liner and the paper flower thru to make a tiny hole at the center.  Repeat this step on all the flowers in the pack.

Step 3:  Cut about 1 inch of the lollipop sticks.

Step 4: Slip the lollipop thru the hole in the cello liner and then thru the hole in the paper flower.  Repeat this step until you make 40 Lollipop Flowers.

Step 4:  Insert the Lollipop Flowers into the wreath until only the flower shows and not the lollipop stick.

Repeat Step 4 until the wreath is fully covered.  Tie a beautiful bow for hanging.  I chose the Lovely Petite Blossom Cups because they look like Poinsettias.

I just love DIYs that can translate into any season of the year.  Change the color of the Petite Blossom Cups or the color of the lollipops, and you can make it for spring, summer and fall.  I can’t wait to make one again for Easter perhaps with lavander Petite Blossom cups.

Easy, Inviting, Festive…my kind of project!

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  1. What a wonderful idea!!! beautiful

  2. wao!! no sabia que eras de chupetas!! Lo hubeira puesto en el post!! y las fotos del elf….no puedo!! muy tiernas

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