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DIY: Petite Blossom Cup Topiaries


One of the details that I loved the most about our Rag Doll Party (here and here), were the Flower Topiaries.  Aren’t they just too cute for words?  But the best part is that they are sooooo easy to make!  Let’s get to work!


You will need:  Springtime Petite Blossom Cups, Foam Balls (6″ and/or 4″), Wood Sticks, Metal Pins, Small Vases, Floral Foam, 1/2″ Ribbon (3 Colors), 1/4″ ribbon, Paper Shred and Masking Tape (not shown).


Step 1:  Attach Petite Blossom Cups to the Foam Ball using Metal Pins until the Ball is fully covered with flowers.



Step 2:  Secure three 1/2″ Ribbon strands to the Wood Stick using Masking Tape.  Then wrap the ribbons around the stick until it is fully covered and secure the end with masking tape.


Step 3:  Press the Ribbon tick to the Flower Ball.


Step 4:  Insert the Floral Foam to the vase and plant the Topiary.


Step 5:  Cover the Floral Foam with Paper Shred.


Step 6:  Tie a pretty bow with the 1/4″ ribbon for a finishing touch!


Et Voila!!  Easy, adorable and colorful!


Petite Blossom Cups:  The Via Blossom Shop

Ribbon, Wood Stick, Vase, Floral Foam and Foam Ball:  Michaels 

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  1. Seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I’m throwing a baby shower for my friend in July and was planning a bright floral theme, these are going to be a perfect addition! Thank you for the tutorial!

    1. They are super easy to make! and the effect is amazing!

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