Flamingos and Pineapples Birthday Party

I am so excited to share today my daughter’s 5th Birthday!!  Last year, she was a whimsical Fairy that danced around a Maypole with her fellow Fairy friends.  Remember Sophia’s Enchanted Fairy Party?   This year she partied like a Flamingo with her Pre-K bestie, Charlotte, who also celebrated her 5th birthday!


Pineapples-and-Flamingo-PartyFlamingos and Pineapples Birthday Party

Party Details:

Sophia’s favorite animals are Flamingos for obvious reasons: They are Pink.  Sophia loves Pineapples, especially in the summer.   When I suggested to her that we could do a Flamingos and Pineapples Birthday Party Theme, she was ecstatic!  Her two wishes were that she wanted bright colors and also lots of fun music and dancing.  After weeks of planning, we learned that Sophia’s Friend, Charlotte was not able to celebrate her 5th Birthday because just like Sophia, she was born during the Christmas Holiday Break.  I always celebrate half birthdays for Sophia because I love warm outdoor parties and there’s usually too much going on during Christmas break.  So, sweet Charlotte and her family joined us in this double the fun celebration!

Pineapples-and-Flamingo-ParMy backyard was the setting for this Tropical Chic party.  As the birthday theme indicates the party decor consisted of lots of Flamingo and Pineapple decor.   The delicious Strawberry and Chocolate cake was the focal point of the “Flamingo Cafe” dessert table.  It was adorned with fresh flowers and an adorable Flamingo Pick.  I DIYed the Dessert Table awning by hand-painting it to replicate our Floral Fiesta Paper Tableware and Banner.  To add a tropical touch to the dessert table I added two Pineapple Honeycombs on each side of  the awning.



Flamingo-Birthday-partyThe girls’ table had a very festive decor.  Jennifer, Charlotte’s Mom, and I created the prettiest Floating flower arrangements with Flamingo Picks as centerpieces.  The girls loved the flower shaped floating candles.   Another hit among our little guests were the Pineapple Cups with Flamingo Straws!





Cupcake-Wrappers-flamingo-toppersCandy-Apples Pineapple-cookies Petite-Blossom-Cups-flower-cups DSC_0006new DSC_0014newThe array of sweet treats were definitely a show stopper!  The incredibly talented, Roni of Roni’s Sugar Creations created the most beautiful Gourmet Apples for the Party!  They were a true masterpiece, almost too pretty to eat!!!  Roni ships her amazing sugar creations anywhere in the US.  She can customize her gourmet apples, cake pops, cookies and cakes to your specific party theme.  Make sure you check out her amazing site, here.  The Fabulous Sabrina of Simply Brigadeiro made the most decadent mini desserts for the party.  They are called Brigadeiros.  They are “truffle like” bite size desserts in a variety of flavors like strawberry, Chocolate, pistachio, white chocolate, among others.  I could not stop eating them!  They looked adorable in our Fabric Petite Blossom Cups!  Sabrina ships her Brigadeiros anywhere in the US, so make sure you check them out, here.   I baked and decorated Pineapple shaped cookies thanks to Jenny Keller’s Book “Eat More Dessert” and her youtube videos.  Aren’t they cute?  I also made flower Cake Pops with our signature Paper Petite Blossom Cups and chocolate pineapple pops.  The Invitations and Printables were from the fabulous Anders Ruff.  Their Flamingo Collection is gorgeous!

Pineapples-and-Flamingo-party Pineapples-Birthday-Party

Giant-Balloons-and pineapple honeycombWe made a Flamingo runway for the girl’s dress up parade and limbo dancing.  We used our large Flamingo Yard Picks and 2 Giant Balloons to delineate the runway.




Flamingo-Birthday-PartySophia making her debut in the Flamingo runway!

Flamingo-Birthday-PartyThe Girls dressed up with pink boas, head boppers, Daisy hair clips and heart shaped sunglasses.  They enjoyed a magic show, followed by a silly fashion parade and a dance party!

Sophia5th_26newSophia5th_7newSophia5th_22newnewSophia5th_24newnewThe birthday girls wore Pretty pink tutus  and had fun posing with Paper Parasols from the shop

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Jennifer and I had a blast throwing this super cute Flamingos and Pineapples Birthday Party for our sweet girls!  I hope you’re feeling inspired by this perfect for summer party theme!

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