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How to Make Flower Stools

Maggie and I were ecstatic when Hostess with the Mostess featured my daughter’s Fairy Birthday a few weeks ago.  If you have not seen the full feature, you can view it here.  It is simply adorable! I styled the party using a lot of party supplies from our Fairy Collection and I also made some very easy yet darling DIY Flower Stools I am showing you how to do today.

How to create Flower StoolsTo make the Flower Pillows you will need:

  1. Silicone Glue Gun
  2. 10″ pillow inserts ( as many as you need )
  3. 3″ yellow Felt circles
  4. 15″ Baby Blue Felt Circles
  5. 6″ Baby Blue Felt Circles

Flower Pillows Guide

Flower Petals:  Cut five 8″, five 6″ and five 4″ Felt Petals.

Flower PetalsTo make the base stool, you will need:  A small round Waste Basket and Gold Spray Paint.

Waste Basket and Gold Spray PaintStep 1:  Spray the Waste Basket with gold spray paint and let it dry.

pillowStep 2:  Using your Silicon Gun glue the 15″ Felt Circle to the pillow insert by folding the fabric inward as shown above.

pillow blueStep 3:  Glue the 6″ Felt Circle to the Bottom of the Pillow.

Pillow Light BlueStep 4:  Glue the Petals on top of the covered pillow starting with the large 8″ Petals, then glue the 6″ Petals and finish with the 4″ Petals. Glue the yellow 3″ Felt Circle to the center of the Flower Pillow for the perfect final touch.

Last Step:  Glue the Flower Pillow to the gold Waste Basket and Voila!!  A very girlie and pretty Flower Stool!!!

creating pretty Flower StoolsAren’t these Flower Stools adorable yet easy to make?

Now that you know how to make them, you’ll probably need some fabulous Fairy Party Supplies to go with them!  Our Fairy collection is available at the shop, here.