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Godiva Truffles 3 Ways

Have you tried the New Godiva Flights?  If you are a Chocolate lover like me, you have to try them!  They’re a concoction of perfectly paired flavors that will unveil new textures and aromas to your palette.  After trying them, I totally feel like throwing a Truffle Tasting Party!  No doubt it will be greatly appreciated by my lovelies!

Godiva Truffles

When thinking about a Truffle Tasting Party I cannot think of a better accessory for these little indulgences than Petite Blossoms Cups and Petite Cups.  They are actually perfect for showcasing exquisite chocolate and for organizing them in a neat way.  Each Flight is meant to be eating in a special order for an intense chocolate experience, so instead of piling the Truffles in a Cake Stand I have 3 ways of showcasing them.  By displaying them in the Paper Flowers or the Petite Cups you can add a touch of femininity and originality to your sweet table.   They can be arranged in the same order of  each Godiva Flight box.  For a decadent finishing touch to a fun evening, send your guests home with a Cupcake Topped with a Truffle as a Party Favor.




Godiva Truffles - Petite cups

6 delicious experiences to choose from:  Dark Decadence Truffle Flight, Nut Lovers Truffle Flight, Heavenly Mousse Truffle Flight, Cake Truffle Flight, Ultimate Dessert Truffle Flight and  Milk Chocolate Lovers Truffle Flight.  All available at Godiva.

For the Perfect presentation check out our Petite Blossom Cups and Petite Cups available at the Shop.

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