Our Guide to Planning a Tea Party

The Tea Party Theme is by far one of the most popular party themes available at Via Blossom.  It is one of those very versatile themes that fit multiple occasions like a Wedding, a Bridal Shower, a Baby Shower or a Girl Party.  If you’re planning on hosting a Tea Party, then use our guide to Planning a Tea Party as a way to gather every element and detail to make your celebration unforgettable.

Guide to Planning a Tea Party

I-  Let the Treasure Hunt Begin…

Tea-Party-Antique-Hunt1. Vintage Bottles. 2. Tea Cans. 3. Mix and Match Tea Cups. 4. Old Books. 5. Mix and Match plates.  6. Teapots 7. Glass Bell Cloches 8. Birdcages.

Look around your house for props for the party.  I surprise myself each time I throw a party by the variety of little treasures I find around my house, especially in my pantry, cabinets and attic.  Old vases, teacups, mason jars, food cans, cake stands, little picture frames, tablecloths, old Fabric, figurines  etc… After making an inventory of all the props I already own, I grab my bag and visit thrifts stores, flea markets and finally  antique shops.  I do it in this order because I go from very inexpensive to higher priced stores.  Be on the lookout for hobnail and milk glass vases and cake stands.  Mismatched porcelain teacups are also great!  They add a Shabby Chic flair to your party.  I also, look for antique bottles since they add so much character to the decor.

II-  Tea party decoration ideas:

Tea-Party-decoration-Ideas1. Teacup Favors  2. Hanging Teacups 3. Teapot Chandelier 4. Tier Flower Tower  5. Candlestick Teacups 6. Umbrella Centerpiece 7. Teacup Flower Arrangements 8. Teacup Candles

Think outside the box and wow your guests with a few unexpected decorations while still maintaining a traditional feel.  Teacups can be hanged from a tree or they can be piled up to make beautiful floral centerpieces.  Teacups can also be turned into candle holders as seen here.  I love the idea of creating a backdrop of Teacups that will be given as Party Favors to the guests.  A teapot chandelier could certainly add a fun twist to your Tea party decor.  Or how about using parasols as centerpieces?

III-  Let’s get some darling Tea Party Supplies


Your Tea Party Supplies should have a vintage feel and they should complement and blend beautifully with your props and decor.  I absolutely adore the Tea Party Supplies we carry at the Shop .  Here’s a roundup my favorite supplies:

1.  Tea Party Banner:  I love the  Shabby Chic combination of different flower patterns

2.  Gold Cupcake Wrappers:  They add a touch of elegance to your Cupcakes

3.  Lovely Bow Petite Cups:  They are ideal for displaying Chocolate Truffles or Cake Balls.

4.  3- Tier Cake Stand:  The colors and patterns in this Cupcake stand is simply darling!!  Each Tier is reversible for multiple combinations!

5.  Glass Milk Bottles:  Perfect for Girl parties

6.  Petite Blossom Cups:  They bring the floral pattern of your decor to life!  Just insert a small Chocolate Truffle or Mini Dessert at the center of the Flower for a very adorable arrangement.

7.  Tea Party Plates:  Our floral plates will add a sophisticated porcelain feel.

8.  Tea Party Napkins:  They are so delicate and pretty!

9.  Doilies:  A Tea Party without pretty Doilies is not a Tea Party

Tea-Party-party-supplies 1.  Birdcage Banner:  I love the nostalgia and elegance in this banner

2.  Petite Blossom Cups:  Very appropriate for the occasion

3.  Birdcage Cupcake Wrappers:  These are my very favorite from the shop!  I love the bold pattern in them!

4.  Mini Teacups:  They are a must!  You can fit a mini Cupcakes or any candy in them!

5. and 6.  Divine Aqua and Luscious Pink Stands:  They are simply exquisite!  Perfect for displaying delicious Mini Desserts. IV. Perfectly Sweet and Savory Tea Party Food

Tea Party Food Ideas 1. Small Sandwiches. 2. Rosette Mini Desserts 3. Chicken & Spinach Spinwheels 4.Roast Tomato and Goat Cheese Quiche. 5. Flower Ice 6. Raspberry Tartlets  7. Violet Macaroons 8. Cake pops 9. Russian Tea Cakes 10. Raspberry Meringue Rosette

A combination of Savory and Sweet is ideal.  The traditional Tea Sandwiches will never go out of style; delicious recipe, here.  Two other savory Hors D’oeuvre  that fit the occasion are  Mini Quiches and Chicken and Spinach Spinwheels; recipes here and here.   The sky is the limit when it comes to mini desserts for a tea party.  These are few winning recipes:  Raspberry- lemon Curd Tartlets, Violet Macaroons, Russian Tea Cakes and Raspberry Meringue Rosettes.  I love the idea of making flower ice cubes with edible flowers.  I really need to try it!

V.  Tea Parties we Love:

Tea Party ViablossomGarden Tea Party by Via Blossom

This Garden Tea Party  was styled by Maggy for my lovely niece Gaby.  It was featured by Lydia of The Party Wagon, here and on the Blog, here.

Perfectly Sweet Tea PartyPerfectly Sweet Tea Party

This Beautiful Party by Perfectly Sweet is filled with beautiful ideas.  It was featured, here.


Sweetly  Chic Events

We love this Mad Hatter Tea Party by Sweetly Chic Events!  It has the right balance between whimsical and stylish.  It is also an ideal theme for a girl.  Check it out here.

I hope you are feeling inspired to throw an amazing Tea Party this Spring!