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Hanging Decor Series: BALLOONS!

I don’t think I am the only one that associates “Balloons” with moments of pure Joy.   My precious childhood birthdays were mainly decorated with Balloons in every color of the rainbow.  I will never forget when I asked my now 5 yrs old son what he wanted for his second birthday and  the first thing that came to his mind was BALLOONS.  I evidently made sure that his cowboy party had not only ponies and western hats but balloons everywhere.  Then came my daughter’s second birthday and guess what was her number one wish?  Well, you know the answer.


These days,  childrens’ parties and adult celebrations are taking a more sophisticated and fun creative turn and so are Balloons.  This post is filled with DIYs on how to reinvent your Balloon decorations for your next bash.

Bonbon-balloons-2Via [Beyond Beyond]


Photos by [Blue Eyed Yonder]

Colorful and Sparkly Balloon streamers are so in! How exciting to find step by step instructions on how to make them via the Blue Eyed Yonder.  This is a DIY you should try if you are looking for a Wow Factor element for your next Party.


As I mentioned on yesterday’s post, Photobooths backdrop and stations are becoming more elaborate and unique thanks  to the creativity of blogs like Oh happy Day that fill us with inspiring ideas each day.  This Hot Air Balloon Photobooth DIY is just too adorable!  It is also perfect for a baby’s first photos.

Balloon-pop newVia [Tip Junkie]

These Lollipop Balloons are getting me sooooooo inspired!  Aren’t they fabulous?  If you are thinking about throwing an Oh so popular Candyland Theme  Party then this DIY is for you!

IMG_4823-640x960newVia [ Anders Ruff]

 Last but not least, I just love how Jennifer from Banner Events framed this gorgeous dessert table with Polka dot Balloons.  Polka Dot Balloons never miss my parties!  They look amazing when clustered with the round 36″ Balloons.

I hope these DIYs bring some inspiration to your future celebrations!


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