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How to Make a Balloon Garland with 3 Easy Steps

Where to Find and How to Make a Balloon Garland

Introducing our new line of Balloon Garland Kits!  I am sure you have seen amazing balloon installations on Pinterest and Instagram lately and wondered how beautiful it would be to have one of those garlands at one of your celebrations.  Guess what?  We have made it so easy for you to create a fabulous Balloon Garland in no time without the help of any party stylist!  So get ready, because today we will show you how to make a Balloon Garland with 3 simple steps!

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This is why we think Balloon Garlands are the ideal Party Decoration:

  1. They are so easy to put together when you have the right Balloon Garland kit!

  2. The Wow Factor!  They are stunning and look so amazing!

  3. They are versatile: They adapt to any party theme and come in a variety of colors and styles.

  4. They can be hung on a Mantel, an entryway, a wall… you name it!

  5. They are lightweight which makes installation easy.  You can stick them to a wall with tape or hang them with twine or any ribbon.

  6.  They are perfect for indoors and outdoors.
    unicorn mermaid balloon garland kit

Our Balloon Garland Kits are now available at the Via Blossom Shop, here!   Here’s an example of what’s included in our Pastel Balloon Garland Kit so that you get an idea.  What’s included varies, depending on the style you order.  Some come with foil balloons, some come with gold confetti balloons or a combination of both.  

1.  Manual Balloon Pump   2. An assorted selection of 5″ Balloons   3.  An assorted selection of 11″ and/or 9″ Balloons  4.  Gold Confetti Balloons  5.  Balloon Decorating Strip  6.  Step by Step Instructions

How to make a Balloon Garland with 3 easy steps

All of the Supplies are included in the Balloon Garland kits.


Use hand pump to inflate all balloons

Balloon Garland


The Balloon decorating strip comes with little perforated holes.  Insert the balloon knot of a regular size balloon through one of the holes of the balloon decorating strip.  Try spacing the balloons about 5 to 7 holes apart.  Repeat, until you’re out of regular size balloons. Alternate colors and sides for an even visual to make a balloon garland


Add the small balloons wherever you see empty spaces by slipping the 5″ balloons through the holes of the Balloon Decorating Strip, just like in step 2.

How to make a balloon garland in no time

How to make a Balloon Garland with 3 easy steps

Hang wherever you like and enjoy!

All of our Balloon  Garland Kits are available at Via Blossom, here.

Where to Buy and How to Make a Balloon Garland

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