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Introducing…Our new Baby Shower Series!!

We are so excited to start the week with our new Baby Shower Series, where we will showcase decadent recipes, DIYs and styling ideas for such an unforgettable celebration.

Melt-it!..Our  baby sister is expecting  her first child!!  Yeay! We couldn’t  be happier for her! Maggie and I have been busy planning a mini dessert menu and searching for decorating ideas for her special day.  So far, we found a winner recipe:  Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles!  They’re  so rich and decadent!  What is more, they’re so easy to make!  This is the type of mini dessert that you will serve over and over at every party you throw.  The key is to buy high quality ingredients.  The recipe comes from Alison from Heart of Gold and Luxury.  I was introduced to Alison’s fabulous Blog when she was featured at Mimosa Lane on a segment about her 6 favorite things.  I was instantly captured by her sense of style and amazing taste.  Since then, she has been inspiring me to regain my love for baking and cooking and much more.  Check the recipe here.

We’re starting the series with Gender Neutral Styling ideas.  Many of our friends preferred to wait and be surprised.  I truly admire them for their endurance!   We chose a yellow and green as the color palette.   We diplayed our truffles in our Gingham Fabric Petite Blossom Cups.  Fabric Petite Blossom Cups are perfect for more formal celebrations.  They serve two purposes:  1.  They showcase your mini desserts in  a darling way and 2.  They are the perfect party favor your guests to take home.

Wondering where I bought these adorable Golden Duckies?  They’re just your regular rubber duckies spray painted in gold.  Don’t they look luscious?

Recipe Source:  Heart of Gold and Luxury

Viablossom Supplies:  Yellow Isabella Gingham Petite Blossom Cups and French Square Milk Bottles.

Stay tuned for more inspiring Baby Shower ideas in the days to come!

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  1. This recipe looks delicious! Can’t wait to try it. I also love the idea of the blossom cups as party favor, how original!!

  2. The hazelnut chocolate truffles look so tasty!!! And the recipe seems to be so easy to follow. I love the idea of spray painting the rubber duckies, I am going to steal that idea. And like always the blossom cups are gorgeous!!!

  3. Yeay! Love it…Too bad I’m not closer to try these yummy treats. Love the theme!

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