Isabellas’s Rag Doll Party

We are so delighted to share all the photos of Maggie’s daughter, Isabella, seventh Birthday celebration.  My sweet niece, has a serious case of Doll adoration.  She has a fun collection of dolls that ranges from Vintage Rag Dolls to American Girls. For her birthday, adorable rag dolls were center stage in the flower garden we created inspired by our mother’s tropical backyard.

Rag Doll Party 1

Rag Doll Party 2

Party Décor:  Isabella is as girly as it gets!  So, the décor had to portray her love for dolls, flowers and butterflies.  The color palette was a mix of her three favorite colors: yellow which has been her absolute favorite since she started talking, pink and red. The cute rag dolls were the focal point of the sweet table; I sat them in wooden Adirondack chairs as if they were enjoying a nice afternoon in their yard.   To add color and height to the dessert table I crafted some DIY flower topiaries using Petite Blossom Cups.  A ruffled pink ombre cake with delicate yellow fondant flowers sat behind the dolls adding more texture to the scene.  Two pink flower garlands created the perfect backdrop.

Refreshments and Mini Desserts:  The girls enjoyed a very refreshing watermelon lemonade in their little glass bottles which were dressed up with a vintage fabric.  Caramel éclairs were displayed in red and white polka dot Mini Baskets.  DIY Flower cake pops in tiny planters were crafted using Petite Blossom cups.  On one end of the dessert table, delicious butter cookies were showcased in the cutest Strawberry and Flower Petite Cups and on the other end, bite size brownies decorated with fondant flowers and hearts were served in yellow and pink Petite Cups.

Party Favors:  The little guests went home with wooden Berry Baskets filled with vintage inspired dresses and hair accessories for their dolls.

Rag Doll Party 3

Rag doll -#2

Rag Doll Party 4

Rag Doll Party 5

Rag Doll Party 6

Rag Doll Party 7

Rag Doll Party 8

If you missed our post on how to make these super adorable Flower Topiaries, get the step by step instructions here.

Rag Doll Party 9

Rag Doll Party 10

Rag Doll Party 8

Rag Doll Party 11

Rag Doll Party 12

If you have a sweet daughter who loves dolls here’s our inspiration board  for this party.  All of the items are part of our Rag Doll Party Theme collection, available at the Shop, here.


Vendor Credits:

-Photography:  Redbox Studio

-Rag Dolls, Milk Glass Bottles, Flower Garlands, Mini Baskets, Petite Cups, Paper Straws, Berry Baskets, Petite Blossom Cups and Balloons:  Via Blossom

-Party Styling:  Maggie and Cristina [Via Blossom]

-Adirondack Chairs:  Alan Johnston’s