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Let’s have a Tea Party for Mother’s Day!

Maggie and I have been busy planning a surprise Tea Party Brunch for our beloved Mom.  We want to pamper her with a delicious menu that will include a few of her favorite dishes like Frittata, smoked salmon, Quiche Lorraine and Beef Wellington.  But let’s not forget about the sweets!  We are planning on serving Strawberry Cupcakes, Chocolate Truffles and White Chocolate Mousse.  My mouth is watering right now!

Mother's-Day-Tea-Party-w-BoPaper Lanterns – Luscious Pink Birdcage Gold Cupcake Wrappers –  Mini Glass Doilies Sophia Petite Blossom Cup – Pretty in Pink Cupcake Liners – Emma Gold Petite Cup

For inspiration, we created a mood board with our favorite Tea Party items from the Shop.  We chose a Pink and Gold color palette to add a touch of sophistication to the celebration. Our Luscious Pink Birdcage  will be the focal point of the dessert table.  It will showcase our Strawberry Cupcakes lined with our Gold Cupcake Wrappers.  A variety of chocolate Truffles will be displayed in our Sophia Petite Blossom Cups.  Our Mini Glasses are just perfect for serving the white chocolate mousse and  gold Paper Lanterns paired with pink Lanterns will hang from our mother’s Crystal Chandelier creating a dramatic effect.

How are you celebrating your Mom this year?

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  1. you have such beautiful ideas for Mother’s day! I’m so happy it is coming up so soon!! In love with the lanterns

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