Must Have Tutti Frutti Party supplies

Gold Pineapples plates, pineapple Honeycomb, Pineapple cups and fruit cupcake picks

Tutti Frutti Birthday Party

Party Trend Alert!!  With pineapples leading the way, it’s only natural the other fruits will follow the leader!  We predict that Tutti Frutti will be a hot party trend this summer.  I love how colorful, festive and fun this party theme is!  It is perfect for outdoor parties like garden parties, pool parties, beach parties and picnics.  It is also very appropriate for adults, teens and children celebrations. Today we’re sharing our must have Tutti Frutti Party Supplies to help you achieve the juiciest party of the season!

Pineapple Cups with Flamingo Straw

Fruit Garland with Gold banner and fruit honeycombs

Any Tutti Frutti Party needs a “Party Time” Garland with a variety of fruits. It can be hanged in the fruit/dessert table or in a wall.

Pineapple Honeycomb

Our Pineapple Honeycombs are also a great way to add a fruity touch to your party decor.

Tutti Frutti Birthday Party with Pineapple Cups

Pineapple cups with Flamingo Straws are simply perfect for serving delicious fruity drinks.  These Pineapple Cups are one of our best selling items at the shop.  They are equally popular among adults and children.  The girls look incredible with our Yellow Tutus!  Stay tuned for the Fruit Headband Tutorial.

Gold Pineapple Plates and Fruit cupcake Picks

How about these Pineapple plates!  They are so festive and the gold foil finish gives them an elegant touch.  Our plastic soda bottles are a great way to offer your guests fruity sodas or fruit juices in a variety of flavors.

Fruit Cupcake Picks such as lemon, pineapple, watermelon and apple

Our Tutti Frutti picks are definitely a must!  Aren’t they darling?  They are perfect for cupcakes, mini desserts but also for fruit platters , mini sandwiches, cheese trays…you name it!

Gold Pineapples plates, pineapple Honeycomb, Pineapple cups and fruit cupcake picks

Gold Pineapple plates, fruit cupcake picks and pineapple Honeycomb

Fruit Foil Balloons such as Pineapple Foil Balloon, Watermelon foil Balloon and Strawberry Balloon


Watermelon-Foil-Balloon ideal for a Tutti Frutti Birthday Party

Fruit foil Balloons such as orange foil balloon, kiwi foil balloon, watermelon foil balloon and pomegranate foil Balloon

Lemon Foil Balloon

A Tutti Frutti Party would not be complete without Giant Fruit Balloons!! Our selection includes Watermelon, Pineapple, Strawberry, lemon, Kiwi, Pomegranate, Round Watermelon and Orange!

All of our Must Have Tutti Frutti Party Supplies are available at the Shop, here.

Tutti Frutti Fruit Party supplies such as pineapple balloon, watermelon balloon, gold pineapple plate, pineapple napkin, fruit cupcake picks

1- Party Time Garland  2- Lemon Balloon  3- Pineapple Balloon  4- Strawberry Balloon  5- Watermelon Balloon 6- Margarita Mini Glass  7- Mason Jar lids  8- Pineapple Honeycomb  9- Pineapple Plates  10- Pineapple Napkins  11- Tutti Frutti Picks  12- Pineapple Cups

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