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Tissue Flower Backdrop

We have received so many emails asking us how we constructed and designed our Tissue Flower Backdrop for Gaby’s Baby Shower.   No more guessing!  Follow the step by step instructions and you will have an amazing backdrop on each and every party you celebrate!  Scroll down and you will also find alternative design ideas for backdrops…The sky is the limit!

Paper Flower Backdrop

Tissue Flower Backdrop

Step #1:  Build your Wood Frame.

DIY Backdrop wood frame

We built our free standing Wood Frame by following the step by step instructions from the DIY Network, here.  Have your wood boards cut at any Home Improvement Store.  We bought ours at The Home Depot and they cut them for free to the specified length.  It just makes the building process much easier and faster.  You can make the frame as tall as you wish.  We built ours 6 feet tall for easier storing and decorating.

Tissue Flower Backdrop Supplies:

DIY Flower Backdrop Supplies

Our Tissue Flowers are available at the Via Blossom shop, here.

Step #2:

Tissue paper flowers

Cut the cardboard diagonally.  Fluff the Tissue Flowers just as you would a tissue pom pom or follow the step by step instructions included in the Tissue Flower package.  Using the glue gun, glue the bottom of the flowers to the cardboard covering the entire area.

Step #3:

Flower Backdrop

Staple the Tissue Flower Collage to the left corner of the frame.  With the scissors cut the excess cardboard.

Step #4:

DIY Flower Backdrop

Cut your ribbon into 6 feet stripes – I used around 18 stripes for the entire project.  I recommend buying the 2.5″ width, 25 yards rolls in different colors from The Paper Mart.  Staple about 6 ribbon stripes on the top left side of the frame and then attach the ribbons to the left side of the frame with a piece of satin ribbon.

Step #5:

DIY Flower Backdrop

Staple the rest of the 6 feet ribbon stripes to the right top side of the frame and let them hang freely.

how to make a Tissue paper Flower Backdrop

Other Backdrop Ideas:

Pom pom Backdrop DIY

Pom Pom backdrop DIY

Heart Balloons Backdrop DIY

Heart Balloons Backdrop DIY


Strawberry Balloon Backdrop DIY
Strawberry Balloon Backdrop DIY

Let your imagination fly and incorporate different decorations such Tissue Fans, Honeycomb Balls, Foil Balloons or tissue Pom Poms to create your own backdrop.  Instead of ribbon use our Tissue Festooning Garland for added texture.  For a modern look hang from side to side our Gold Foil Fringe Drape.

If you throw beautiful parties frequently, having a free standing wood frame is  an instrumental decorating tool.  It creates a Wow factor yet it is so easy to decorate.  It’s definitely worth the effort!

Strawberry Balloon Backdrop
How to make a Strawberry Balloon Backdrop
How to Make a Heart Balloon Backdrop
How to make a Flower Pom Pom Backdrop