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Top Unicorn Party Ideas and Decorations


Growing up, I remember feeling the magic that came from anything that was related to Unicorns! Nothing is more dreamy than a Unicorn Party for a little girl! Today we are sharing our Top Unicorn Party Ideas and Decorations for a girl birthday party.

These are the Unicorn Party Decorations you will need and they are all available at the Via Blossom Shop, here.

1- I believe in Unicorn Garland   2- Moon and Star balloons  3-  Unicorn Plates and Napkins   4- Gold Utensils  5- Gold Party Cups   6- Unicorn Cupcake Kits  7- Unicorn Headbands   8- Shooting Star Cake Topper


Shades of pink and gold mixed with hints of other pastel hues are the perfect shades for a Unicorn Themed Birthday Party. 

The Unicorn Plates and Napkins with a unicorn embossed in gold in the center is sure to grab the attention of every little guest!

A unicorn themed birthday party would not be complete without the birthday girl matching the theme. Our Tutus and matching Unicorn Headbands are just perfect for the occasion!  Gifting Unicorn Headbands for her friends will bring life to the Unicorn Birthday Party as you will have everyone running around pretending to be unicorns!

Mixing up Moons and Star Balloons with Unicorn Balloons and Marble Balloons is a great way to create a whimsical atmosphere at the Party.


Our adorable “I Believe in Unicorn” Garland will give your party that magical final touch.  It also serves as a gorgeous bedroom decoration after the party over!

We love our cute Unicorn Cupcake Kits.  They will bring store bought cupcakes to the next level!

The truth is that planning is half the fun! We hope you enjoyed our Top Unicorn Party Ideas and Decorations.  So put on a unicorn hairband, and get to planning the perfect party for your princess