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Tutti Frutti Headband DIY

Our Tutti Frutti Party Theme is one hot party for this Summer! It is colorful, fun and juicy! It is also perfect for adults and children!  If you are looking to throw a Tropical Tutti Frutti Party this Summer, then check out our Must Have Tutti Frutti Party Supplies post here.  Today we will show you how to tie the whole theme together with our Tutti Frutti Headband DIY.

Tutti Frutti Party Ideas

Tutti Frutti Headband DIY

What you’ll need:


Tutti Frutti Headband DIY


1. Glue Gun   2. Headband   3. Mini Faux Oranges  4. Mini Faux Lemons  5. Faux Grapes   6. Faux Pears   7. Faux Strawberries  8. Mini Faux Butterflies

This is a very simple DIY but the result is very cute! I am using a thin headband, however for better results I recommend that you buy a wider headband that would offer more support to the faux fruits.  I actually used these headbands for a photoshoot and my little models only needed to wear them for a couple of hours.  So if you are wearing them for a party then a wide headband would be a better choice.


Tutti Frutti Headband Step #1

Step 1:  With your glue gun start by gluing the larger fruits to the headband.  It is important to also glue the fruits together to form a cluster.

Tutti Frutti Headband DIY Step #2

Step 2:  Glue smaller Fruits on top of larger ones.  Cut your Grapes into smaller clusters.  Glue one or more grape clusters to add texture and color.

Step 3:  For a finishing touch glue mini butterflies to the fruits.  and Voila!

Tutti Frutti Headband

I recommend using bobby pins to secure the headbands in place.  Aren’t they cute?

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