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We’re Talking Lanterns!

When it comes to hanging decor, Paper Lanterns, reign!  There’s just so much you can do with them!

Lanterns2Paper Lanterns

5 reasons to adore them:

1- They come in every color of the rainbow and then some!  You can choose bright vibrant colors or more muted ones.

2-  They come in different sizes.  Hanging 2 different sizes of Paper Lanterns can really add texture and style to your decor.

3- Perfect for any type of Celebration:  From casual to elegant, from children’s parties to formal weddings, from Easter to Christmas!  They just fit any occasion.  How versatile!

4- They come in different textures and/or shapes.  For instance, at Via Blossom we offer them with a polka Dot Print or covered in Flowers.  We also have a whimsical  Hot Air Balloon style.

5-  They fit any budget:  You can literally achieve decor magic with just a few.  They’re one of the most affordable yet pretty hanging decor available in the market.

Hot-Air-Ballooon2Hot Air Balloon Lanterns

Flower-Lanterns3Flower Lanterns

They look adorable when aligned!   Choosing the same size lantern works best for this decor.

tea-party-and-tutus-printables-01-640x426 newVia [Anders Ruff]

me&riley luau newVia [Anders Ruff]

Cabana style!   Perfect for a beach party.

pool-party-printables-640x426newVia [Anders Ruff]

Mix them up:  Choose vibrant colors, different sizes and hang them at different heights for a magical effect!

6a2f72ecd33d842b7108caf79a2cb8e9newVia [Slim Paley]

White elegance:  They look so sublime when combined with dangling flowers.

cf6f324b335f787d6e9b1085120a0c89Via [Axioo]

Sooo many possibilities!!  What’s your favorite? xo.

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